Thanks a lot for this analysis.
Being untraceable on the steem blockchain does not mean necessarily not using it at each instant and for each transactions ;)
We made a choose between giving fun to real players, or to few people who are using bots or the blockchain itself to track others. It may be not important depending of the game, but for DW it is a must have to make the game more fair for everyone.

We also offer social logins with facebook, google and vk. and those numbers are not taken into count in your graphics, but whatever we are proud to give life to the gaming on Steem beside SM and NC.

Again thanks for your time.

might want to add in the factor that both splinterlands and drugwars heavily inventivizes running multiple accounts for daily rewards... Splinterlands does have an entry barrier with requiring the purchase of starter-packs, but in the early days the promo-codes for those were easy to get for free, too.

Drugwars doesn't really pay anything anymore and the game is rather boring... so naturally all the farm-bots and some active players loose interest.

Running multiple accounts in nextcolony does of course also bring its benefits, but it's not really useful as a "passive" token-farm... that's actually what i appreciate about that app a lot!

Well, I'm trying to construct an idea in my head how to detect bots, maybe some day.

Thanks for the great overview, @rafalski! I like the focus. Active players are the most important criterion for me. Your tool is part of my daily workflow and I can't imagine to live without it. Thanks!

SM and DW show that there is some room for NC , you can try to double number of the active users.

add top DEC earner and card burner list. currently we can't get those list. thanks for give us a valuable site .