Welcome new features in Steemonsters

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Hi Friends
SteemMonster is a exciting game on steemit blockchain. Recently some new features are added in this that make it mor exciting. Let me take opportunity to introduce you guys with these new features.

  1. Tournaments.
    Steemmonsters started the tournaments in which you can win the daily prizes. Till now they have distributed more than $8000 . Currently the entry to most of the tournament is free. So you are getting money for your skills and investment in game.


  2. Delegation
    Till now, you can buy or sell the cards but now steemmonster started the concept of delegation which is based on same concept of delegating the steem power in steemit.


Hope you all are enjoying the game and if you have'nt joined this game then feel free to join by using my link .

Happy Steemmonstering.

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