One more golden card as rewards

in steemmonsters •  3 months ago 

Hi Friends. few days ago I got my first golden card as a reward and I mentioned this in my earlier post here. Luckily I got one more gold card as rewards.Below is the latest gold card that I got in rewards.


Hope, I will get few more gold cards in future.

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@r1s2g3 You have only 1x resteem+upvote left. Please re-subscribe sending 0.4 and pizza in memo to get 30 more resteems + 30x $~0.02 upvotes - or in alternative register here and start mining JSEcoin on their website! It's free and super simple!

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Dear @r1s2g3

I never had a chance to tell you simple: THX for resteeming my latest publication. I would like you to know that it always mean a lot to me to receive support from you and others.


Regards appreciated @r1s2g3.

I congratulate you from my heart.
I see that you are doing things well.
Thanks for sharing.

I also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to invite him to support @STEEMCHURCH in the 20K SP delegation sponsored by @theycallmedan.

Yours, Juan