How to get started in Steemmonster : 1

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Hi All

I think most of you heard about the Steemmonster game in the steemit blockchain . Though this game is not tough to play but few people quit this game because they are unable to understand the basic of this game or in other words they are unable to understand , how they should proceed in this game. The very first thing you should do is to read "FAQ" (I assume you already have purchased the starter pack). FAQ will give you the some basic idea about the game. I will suggest you to immediately join the discord . You will get help in discord easily and you can talk to the developer and founder of the game in discord.


Before you start playing the game , it will be advisable that you should take the look at various command at the discord channel. You can execute $help command in registration of the discord channel. It will be good that you read about the abilities of the cards before you start paying them.

I will discuss it further on next topic. If anyone want to join the game then you can use my affiliate link

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