Got sick of life splinter in silver league?

in steemmonsters •  29 days ago

I started playing steemmonster and reached in the silver league. In silver league, I started encountering a set pattern of attack using life splinter. The line up usually goes up like Silvershield paladin,Divine healer, Peacebringer and Air Elemental. This lineup almost frustrated me and I worked towards breaking up this lineup using my level 1 cards.


In the end , I become successful in breaking up this line up with my level 1 cards. I am sharing few battles of mine in which I demolished the fire splinter lineup.

I guess you all enjoyed these battles .
Have you noticed that I am winning battle against lvl3 with my lvl1 cards and did not used any legendary card.

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SIlver is pretty though with level 1 cards. Good job, though!

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