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Hi Pals 👋

Today I'm going to challenge you to guess the monster that's in the picture and when you do guess it right, you can win it!

This monster is pretty good 👌 as you can see she is a magic damage type of monster, that means that even the enemy has an armor, flying skill, defense skill, evade skill it's damage will always land consistently.

Her attacks are good but her defense cannot be ignored too, she has 5 HP and 1 armor, armor is good if your enemy monsters are physical attacker type, that 1 armor can ignore 1 attack from melee or range monsters except when they had an skill called piercing and aside from armor and high HP she also has an skill called defense that can negate some physical attacks damage.


You can find her in the Fire Splinter Monsters, as you can see in the picture.

Her name starts with letter N.

Joining is easy and simple

✔️ Comment your guess.

  • I will write down all the names of whoever guess it right in the random name picker to decide who will win.

  • If you have different username in steemmonsters, kindly comment it so that I can gift to you your prize.

✖️ upvotes, resteem, follow is not necessary

  • But if you do so, I will gladly appreciate it Pals ☺️

That's all!

Winners will be announced in the comment section and I will gift the card to the winner when this post payouts or when it already has 20 comments.

Other steemians who's giving away free cards too! Go check them out if you want.








Good Luck and have a good day Pals!!


it's "Naga Fire Wizard"
I got it from daily reward :)

Naga Fire Wizard

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Naga Fire Wizard

Naga Fire Wizard

Naga Fire Wizard

✅ Enjoy the vote! For more amazing content, please follow @themadcurator for a chance to receive more free votes!

Naga Fire Wizard

Hi @ninjamike youre the winner pal. I've sent the cards to you. Its not naga fire wizard as reward cards cant be sent so i sent a card thats equal in value.

I received the cards. Thanks a ton!

No problem pal.

let the odds be always in my favor

  • Naga Fire Wizard.

Thank you for the mention!
Naga Fire Wizard

Youre welcome pal, actually this idea is inspired by your giveaway contest.

Naga Fire Wizard

Is that Naga Fire Wizard

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Naga fire wizard

Naga fire Wizard

Naga Fire Wizard

Naga Fire Wizard.

Naga Fire Wizard

Naga Fire Wizard

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Naga Fire Wizard

Naga Fire Wizard

Naga Fire Wizard

Naga fire wizard

Naga Fire Wizard

Naga Fire Wizard

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