Tuesday SteemMonsters Giveaway #1AAA1#

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How are ya'll? Here's another giveaway from @pizzachain!

How to join

All you have to do to join, is pick a number as close to the number I pick as you can. The number I pick today will be:

A random number between 1-1000 (obtained through random.org).


  • First Prize: 1 Epic Beta Screaming Banshee
  • Second Prize: 1 Rare Beta Undead Priest
  • Third Prize: 1 Common Beta Haunted Spider

Today is death-themed. The next giveaway will contain another splinter :)

Pick your number wisely and may the luck be with you!

PS: This contest runs till Post Payout
PS2: Upvote, Resteem or Follow are not required. Only commenting is needed to enter the giveaway.
PS3: What happens when 2 players pick the same number that wins? I use random.org to determine their winner. If it would be the closest number, one would get first prize and the other the second prize.


#13 🤞

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