Thirsty Thursday: Here's a water elemental contest to cultivate the dying deserts!

in #steemmonsters5 years ago (edited)

Hey all! Today is a great day for a beautiful Water Elemental to be given away!

Instead of picking a number, you will have to write something this time... Nothing long, nothing short. Here's what you gotta do:

-Write in 4 lines of text (No more than 4 lines, No less than 4 lines. Please also don't put multiple sentences in 1 line...)
-Write about a water elemental cultivating the dying lands.
-It may be a short story (in 4 lines), a poem or something else. Feel creative...
-You must comment the text.

Go really easy at it or make a cool water scheme... I'll give a water elemental to the best one. Additionally, another water elemental will be given away to a random participant that follows the rules set out above :)


1 Water elemental goes to the best entry.
1 Water Elemental goes to a random entry that fulfills the requirements.

The best entry is decided completely by me and by no one else. No discussing about some other entry being much better and that they should win. This isn't a hyper-professional contest. It's just a water elemental. MY judgement is used, not your's. You're free (and even encouraged) to tell others how cool you find their entries though!

Have fun and Good luck!

PS: You got until the post payout (in 7 days from posting)
PS2: Upvoting/Resteeming/Following is not required, though always appreciated :)


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Once upon a time a water elemental arrived on the dying lands of the death splinters.
Inspite of the neverending attacks it healed itself and cultivated the lands.
All his friends had died already but it went on.
In the end there was a draw becaused it healed so fast...

Well, you were the only one who entered anyways. Enjoy the water elemental.

Thank you very much for the card!

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