Steemmonsters - the road so far !

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Hello dear steemmonsters fans , Today i will make very short calculation over my earnings in steemmonsters thanx to the @holger80 tool !
This are some of the best cards i have open so far :

gold set.PNG
As many of you know i dont have only one acount so here more info :
positive-trail :
positive trail.PNG
singles :

This starts are only the recorded as steemmonsters payments but i have a lot private sales and also a lot peekmosters ( i personal like it more )
So need to add this to the statisticks aswell :
Paypal payments 2375 USD
Steem payments -46 565
SBD payments 3476
So my balance as you can see is on one good positive income earned last 6 , 7 months from only trading .
I have at the moment cards worth 3400 usd IN MY ACOUNT.

So profit so far :

33142.86 Steem
2933.72 SBD
5777.5 USD

My original investment in steemmmonsters is 0.50 BTC wich i have long time back withdraw . Now we have also tournaments so earnings can be even biger if person have some good skils !

We love steemmonsters !

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Those are some big numbers.

Congrats on all your success :)


In fact they arent as i always used to rebuy packs with steem i get , so this is more turnover , but i have sure withdraw above 7, 8 000 USD

Where are you making most of your money?
Is it from sales of cards?

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All made so far is from open packs and being lucky with gold cards . Most of my cards i have sold private )


how do you find sellers?

I have been vote you .Maybe you can read my articles when you have time. Just it.Thanks!

Happy to see you playing Patel! If you see @munkiioh that's either me or my wife playing. :)


Hey there , i do just basics not realy time for but daily rewards and such :)

wow, that's nice trading profit. Good job!


Yea , Steemmonsters rock :)

Certainly impressive! With the growth and more things to come, you will be able to get even more. Imagine the potential from card delegations!

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This is other great future comming :)

Excellent post, We really liked it a lot.
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