Weekly card giveaway + last week's winner

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Off to 5th season! I'm slowly leveling up my teams, and finally have all my summoners at level 4, except the dragons. And I had my first taste of tournaments... but only one battle won so far! Let's see how the next ones will go!

And who won last week's giveaway?

Very few contestants, two to be precise: @bashadow and @luegenbaron. So, why choose random? As a token of appreciation for joining the giveaway... you both win! A Highland Archer is going your way!

This week, a neutral will be cast away as well... a grumpy one:

The Grumpy Dwarf!


Following @contestkings great example, no upvote, follow or resteem required. Just comment and tell me what is your strongest team; winner will be randomly chosen at post payout.

Good luck... and see you on the battlefield!

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The Blue splinter is my best.

The Red splinter is my strongest.

Thank you, I wonder which ne is going to be my first totally maxed out card, will it be the Vampire, he is in the lead so far, followed by the Rusty Android, then the Highland Archer. End of season 5 will I have enough to have one maxed? Will the cards turn and start stacking me up with the Sea Genie? I got surprised yesterday, with two Lord Arianthus head in a jar guy, He is almost maxed now, those made him a level 3. My first level 3 legendary, I think. Sad when you look at the posers all he gets is one more heart to be fully maxed out, Such is life for heads in a jar.

Once again thanks for the card, and I think grumpy is underplayed and under appreciated.


Still need 1 more head-in-jar guys for level 3, my current higher card is sea genie at l6. Thanks for joining!

Fire splinters is my strongest team :)


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My strongest one is death splinter

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My strongest team is death splinter

My strongest team is dragon + life :)

My strongest team is fire splinter

The Fire squad is my only maxed deck and hence my strongest team. I constantly try to buy packs and monsters on the market to increase the other teams but that takes time, patience and cash - love the tournaments now and appreciate such initiatives like you do.


Fire is my highest deck, but basically capped at level 4 for now. I am slowly building up, trying to get more cards at level 5 now. Thanks for joining!

strongest team???...i don;t know.....i think zintar gives me one of my best teams....one of the strongest...but it depends....i mean the combat rules make a huge difference on the team power

My strongest team is fire splinter

For sure my best team is death.

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Thank you @contestkings! Keep up the great work!

My strongest is death, but fire is a close second if not tie.

Probably the Water Splinter one.

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Death Splinter is often surprizingly strong, but Water is from time to time way better :D


My thoughts exactly, thanks for joining!

My strongest team honestly just depends on the rule of the match. There are definitely times when the Death Splinter is amazing, but sometimes it's not so great. Like if monsters lose all abilities. Then some of the things that make it so strong aren't really a factor anymore.

I find that the Earth Splinter is not mentioned all that often as being a favorite, but there are setups within that splinter that work out awesomely for both me and the people who kept beating me using it before I tried it myself.


Totally agree on the earth splinter opinion! Thanks for joining!

Earth splinter for sure :)

I have to go with the Death Splinter team

my strongest team is the earth splinter