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Season 3 has 4 days left now, hope your all doing well, can't seem to get too high in the rankings though. Beta packs left at the time of writing are 571,255/900,000.

League rewards:

Novice: 0 Packs
Bronze League III: 1 packs
Bronze League II: 2 packs
Bronze League I: 3 packs
Silver League III: 4 packs
Silver League II: 5 packs
Silver League I: 6 packs
Gold League III: 7 packs
Gold League II: 8 packs
Gold League I: 9 packs
Diamond League III: 10 packs
Diamond League II: 13 packs
Diamond League I: 16 packs
Champion League III: 20 packs
Champion League II: 25 packs
Champion League I: 30 packs

Lets do another giveaway. You can view the SteemMonsters site here, or just go to @steemmonster on steem.

I will give away a Spineback Wolf this time but if people seem to like these kinds of contests I will probably do more.

Simple Rules:

  • Comment below the answer to this riddle 'I appear once in summer and twice in autumn, but never in winter. What am I?'
  • After 2 days a random human answer will be picked by rolling a dice bot

If you wanna try new kinds of puzzles visit

If your nice you could also use my affiliate link to signup to steemmonsters


That's correct!

Your numbers are 4-6.

If I had to guess, I would say the letter u

That's correct!

Your numbers are 1-3.

Congrats, you win!

Wow thank you @pandapuzzles! This is my very first steemmonsters card! I am hoping to save up enough to give it a try :)

I see you joined, I hope you like it. Lot's of stuff to come to it, I'm just stockpiling cards with the quest packs for now.

Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 2.

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