Season 3 has now ended and the game has been shaken up a bit. For a silver tier player it remains the same, rewards for higher tiers have increased and rewards for lower tiers have decreased. Rewards edition cards have been introduced which changes the game up a bit as well. Beta packs left at the time of writing are 542,862/900,000.

League rewards:

Bronze III = 5 cards
Bronze II = 10 cards
Bronze I = 15 cards
Silver III = 20 cards
Silver II = 25 cards
Silver I = 30 cards
Gold III = 35 cards
Gold II = 40 cards
Gold I = 45 cards
Diamond III = 50 cards
Diamond II = 65 cards
Diamond I = 80 cards
Champion III = 100 cards
Champion II = 125 cards
Champion I = 150 cards

Daily Quest rewards:

Bronze - 1 card
Silver - 5 cards
Gold - 10 cards
Diamond - 15 cards
Champion - 20 cards

Lets do another giveaway. You can view the SteemMonsters site here, or just go to @steemmonster on steem.

I will give away a Rusty Android this time but if people seem to like these kinds of contests I will probably do more.

Simple Rules:

  • Comment below the answer the question below 'do you think reward edition cards are a good thing?'
  • After 2 days a random human answer will be picked by rolling a dice bot

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I think they shouldn't have gone from all to nothing. The reward cards are not such a big deal, i think. But because they stopped handing out the free booster packs, a lot of people can't grow their deck anymore.
I would have love to see them come up with a creative solution, like reward cards for daily quests, but if you complete a DQ 5 days in a row, you'd get a free booster pack. That would have been much more fair...

Congrats, you won

I would like to see some way of earning either card XP or booster packs as well, even if not alot of XP or 1 pack every few days. It makes the game more pay to win as well. I hope they will add that in the future though.

Thanks for playing, your number is 2

Yo no veo que una carta de recompensa sea mejor que un paquete, esto tanto por cuestiones de ganancias, como de utilidad. Sin embargo, mientras más las uso me doy cuenta de que parte del desprecio que tiene para algunos es que, en lugar de considerar como crear estrategias nuevas sacándole potencial a estas, directamente piensan en como usarlas para reforzar su ya establecidas tacticas, cuestión que conduce a cierta impotencia al no saber usarlas, lo que hace que sientas que son inútiles, y que los paquetes de antes eran mejores.

Creo que son un cambio positivo, y que puede conducir, si se mezcla con otras tácticas para recompensar al jugador, en una dinámica que beneficiará el juego para aquellos que consigan acostumbrarse a lo nuevo, y no solo quejarse de que ya no es como en la versión anterior.

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I like the new reward cards

Thanks for playing, your number is 3

Thanks for playing, your number is 4

I was waiting for more powerful cards.

Thanks for playing, your number is 5

I like the new card rewards, but the thing is that I kind of miss the beta monsters too.

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Thanks for playing, your number is 6

I don't sure but in my opinion alpha cards are the Best. And booster pack As reward I liked more.

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Son geniales y sus habilidades le dan mas dificultad al juego

Thanks for playing, your number is 8

Las habilidades nuevas le dan un plus al juego..!

Thanks for playing, your number is 9

Yes! They have incredible skills and besides that will help the market of betas and alpha cards to be valued again...

Thanks for playing, your number is 10

the reward cards are not bad, I like them a lot and they are excellent :) thank you for this initiative.

Thanks for playing, your number is 11

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