Steem Monsters Tyrus Paladium GiveAway!

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Tyrus Paladium GiveAway

After Malric, Alric, Lyanna and Zintar it's now time for Tyrus. Goodie goodie 2 shoes who gives one armor to the whole crew!

To enter the Magic wheel all you have to do is leave a comment 💬

To get extra entries you can:

📧 Resteem
👉 Tag a fellow addict

Winner Malric

🙏Big thank you for engaging to:

@axeman, @bitandi, @blind-spot, @blog-beginner, @geekpowered, @gemshop, @gillianpearce, @gregory-f, @ironshield, @jacksartori, @juicyjules0202, @kargul09, @methus, @mk992039, @monsterbuster, @mooe, @ronaldoavelino, @samarek69, @spooks, @themightyvolcano and @wonderwop!

And the winner is:


Congratulations @gemshop! I was looking for you on Steemmonsters and got the message: "Player @gemshop does not exist or does not have any cards."
Please let me know where to send Malric.

Good luck with the end of the season and see you on the other side!


Thank you 😉 I'll tag some one else

Thanks for putting on these giveaways!

My favourite summie😊 Im in!
I would like to tag a friend who plays a delegated deck because he doesn't have enough steem to purchase the starter pack.. @anroja and @sanjeev021 ...

thank you!

How fun, I'm in. @fitinfun you playing?

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Count me in and I'm tagging @scrooger

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This is a great card? check it out @gamercrypto

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I'm in!

I'm tagging @acidmaster

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Tyrus palladium is one if my favorite cards! @monsterplayer

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Count me in! Thanks for the opportunity.

I will tag @welshstacker


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I’m in
Tagging @kushalbang93

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I'm in, and tagging fellow addict @guchtere

Tal vez te guste, @eddiespino

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