Splinterlands Black Dragon Giveaway!

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Black Dragon Giveaway!

Back by dope demand. The Black Dragon, when used wisely, can be very effective indeed. While it lowers the enemies speed and boosts your squad's health it feeds itself with your opponent's life. How cool is that! It can really make the difference.

💬 If you want a chance to get your hands on this mighty Black Dragon all you have to do is comment and you will enter the magic wheel.

If you want it really bad you can earn extra entries by:

📧 Resteeming this Post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict

Winner Xander Foxwood

26 unique accounts and a total of 63 entries went into the magic wheel.

📣Big shout out to:
@adalger, @arkmy, @bengy, @bitandi, @chireerocks, @cryptofiloz, @ekramhossain1616, @elpenyar, @enginewitty, @flamo, @geekpowered, @gillianpearce, @lozio71, @mango-juice, @marisenpai, @methus, @monsterbuster, @nooblogger, @pardinus, @pataty69, @ronaldoavelino, @saptech, @shawonsahriar, @sheikhsayem, @taxguy and @wonderwop

🥁And the winner is....


Congratulations @lozio71 🎁🎈🥂 Xander is yours!

Have a great day and meet you all on the other side!

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Cool! I tag @simsibee!

Uhuuu... nice card!
jo @quekery try to get this card!

Wow, what about you @powerpaul

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Black dragon rulez... :)

Tagging @flamo

I’d really like to get a dragon

I'm in

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Me wants one! 😀 @mafaldation, @aleister, interested?

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i have the blades but i am missing the dragon :D

tagging @felipejoys and resteeming ofcourse

Wow !!! ... Incredible !!! Thank you so much for the card I just received ...
At this point I hope to be lucky again ... ;-)
Tagging @liberidallavoro

Sounds really nice! :)

Look @brammdal

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I am in ;) .. look over here @cryptofiloz

Oh, I want in on the magic wheel! A black dragon would super useful... I need to level mine as well!

@bafi can you use this card? 🤞

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hook it up
i tag honusurf
reesteemed also

@arteaga-juan Este si nos va a tocar

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thanks for the giveaway. Tagging @lightningjohn

In :)

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Sign me up!


I'm very interested in winning this one!

Oooh I like dragons🐉🐲

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Thanks. Nice card.

That is a great giveaway! Maybe @nicole-st is also interested?

I nowadays use black dragon in earthquake matches... Goes best with a daria deck!

@xawi will like this.

Resteemed for more exposure.

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