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Energy Cracks The Jar • Kill Of The Day

Kill Of The Day goes to my Prismatic Energy who took out @holger80's Lord Arianthus to clinch the win. I tried to give my Energy a pat on the back but it didn't really work out!

Prismatic Energy.jpg

Diamond League II

I'm still stalled in Diamond League II!

Diamond II.jpg

The Lineup

@holger80's White Team had some heavy hitters but my White Team kept gnawing at their heels...and it finally paid off!


Check out the battle here:

Battle Replay

Get in the game and earn daily rewards!

Fire Demon.png

Steem Monsters

Thank you @aggroed and @yabapmatt for creating Steem Monsters.


Thanks for the art @overkillcoin... minnows, dolphins, whales... I’m down with squid!

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