My First Steem Monsters Pack!!!

in #steemmonsters3 years ago

Many of us are excited about the Steem Monsters project.

I fell in love with the game instantly. The designs on the cards are great, and I love the legendary dragons.

Finally today, I was able to open my first packet of cards, and I wanted to share it with us.


I hope that my collection keeps growing over time. My next goal is to get some legendary card.


Some decent cards you got there meatbag.
If you prefer knowing what you are in for before hand why not check out some of Akox' auctions.
Don't let the dagger fool you... I'm mostly a nice Goblin... as long as you got the coin


How about a sweet leveled up bundle
Or maybe you are more into the dark side of things
Alternatively you could help me get rid of this pesky dragon

Welcome to the party!

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