Steem Monsters the new craze on Steemit

in steemmonsters •  9 months ago

My take on Steem Monsters and what I've discovered.

I have taken quite an interest in the new craze sweeping the blockchain and figured i'd jump in early.

While they are still in alpha stage I have joined the Steem Monsters discord server over at

My main interest that sparked me about these cards is that they are engaging not just for adults but also for children. Being fantasy these characters capture the elements with other mythical creature abilities. I know our children would have great idea's in taking Steem Monsters into the future and beyond.

Another interest that has sparked me is a post by @steemmonsters looking for fantasy/lore content creator's I will get my submission in soon and see what the team think stay tuned! @isaria

So let's now take a look at the cards I've received.





A huge thank you towards @reseller for the donation of 5 STEEM with this I purchased the starter pack plus 3 booster packs. I also purchased 1 booster pack with the remaining SBD I had then the amazing @clove71 who was giving away booster packs on her dlive channel, kindly sent one my way!

if you haven't checked it out yet @lrd is giving away cards for it's members (see post for more info)

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@neddkelly this sounds fun! would be great to try out!


I think it will be a hit! it's got some good backing that's what I like about it

Nice now its time to combine few of them!


Yes I have levelled a few cards up already. What about you?


Combined a few but I'm not sure if I should keep combing or save them and wait for trading to trade them


i'm thinking save them :)

Nice collection you have there! I am loving Steem Monsters! It's just so exciting and fun to play! I love how many people feel the exact same way...make sure everyone joins us all in the [Steem Monsters Discord here:


Thanks @clove71 yes it's a very exciting time being on steemit with the steem monsters. I plan to hand my cards over for my daughters control when she hits 13(the legal age stated in steem monster guidelines) she's almost 5 now. Imagine what they are worth in a few years as collecter cards $$$

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