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Recap on Steem Monster's by @neddykelly

Okay so I have the monster fever again I have finished my deck of cards completing the set of non gold foil cards.

I am now working on my gold cards and at this stage I am building a strong water deck ready for the tournaments

Just the other day I was chatting with a few other Steem Monster users on discord and just how far it has come in the last few months from the epic changes we have all been learning about and discovering. I remember when they released the gold foil cards some user's of original cards had also received gold cards in their packs.

From the website's new layouts and changes from users buying up bulk still in the booster packs.
I have heard that the tournaments kick off in October. I would presume by this time that many users have leveled up some what and are fighting others in battle.

The age range I have seen for Steem Monsters has typically been around the 28+ range. Though some younger users are making way onto the platform.

From my understanding you can now create a brand new account when registering with the Steem Monsters website in return generating you a steemit account.

all screenshots have been from what I've taken and reproduced for my monster discussion

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