My very first gold foil frost giant!

in steemmonsters •  3 months ago

Hi Steemians and monster fans!
I woke this morning opening a booster pack that I had received in one of o07's competition's.

low and behold my very first LEGENDARY GOLD FOIL FROST GIANT

I couldn't believe it!

at the moment only 13 cards are of existence, and only two are currently listed on the marketplace for $1800 USD (stats from

But who is this mysterious @o07 he keeps giving and giving. If you check out he's competitions they can be found on he's page. He also has a discord server and supports many members on the monster journey gifting cards

So I thought I'd do a recap on how I discovered @steemmonsters It was around 3 month's ago I had come across a post on steemit about steem monsters. I came with the intention that I would purchase these cards for my Daughter as a future asset for her. It seems I've caught the steem monster bug though and enjoying the journey so far.

I found @reseller in the steem monsters discord channel he was kind enough in gifting me some steem so I can purchase the starter set and a few booster packs.

I guess that was the spark of my journey into the game. I was recently telling a young friend about steem Monsters this is @stouseman and he's keen for the monster journey! i'm sure he will get he's aussie mate's at school hooked


He proceeded on showing me he's Pokemon cards. I ended up creating an account on anonsteem for him and funding him some steem so he could purchase he's starter deck. He's mum is monitoring he's account and he's already buying up booster packs!

Below are the cards i recieved this morning from @o07


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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Below are the cards i recieved this morning from @o07.
It should be received instead of recieved.


that's not even grammar you stupid bot, that's spelling


looooooool!!!!!! This is too funny! I know I am guilty of this a lot! I need a good spell checker for Steem...? Anyone? Lol!


Haha yeah I had it right the first time but must of changed it lol

Thank you for sending me Steem so I could start my collection. I am hooked and I have 5 gold foil cards already


That's okay mate. Keep an eye on @o07 you might win something epic

Wow! you are so lucky ! Congratulations @neddykelly ! I am still searching I will be buying some packs here soon just waiting for my power down in about 20 min. Wish Me Luck ! I think I will buy 7 packs. 👍👍👍💟👾👺👿


Good luck! Opening them packs haha my phone is going nuts


I did get 2 gold but not big ones, commons. Im just waiting to load the video I opened up 10. Lol! Thank you!👍💟💕


Get anything exciting? Lol


No legendary, 2 common golds . I cant get the video to load yet to drive on my phone so if I can figure it out I will do a DLive post. thanks!👍

Congrats on the Card! How awesome!!! That Gold Frost is Amazing!

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That is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
In this moment of steemmonster love....
I send to you 1 booster pack.

May you decks be leveled and gold. :)


Thanks so much for the gift. See you in the game and best of luck

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Really cool story. Glad to see Steemmonsters bringing people together.