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On points #4 and #5, the person renting the cards will give peakmonsters access to draw their account daily?

If so, the renter just needs to make sure that the daily payment is in the wallet and ready to be drawn. There will probably be a lot of defaults under such a system, which I guess makes the termination escrow more important.

As someone who is renting out my cards, I prefer longer term rentals. If someone rents for a day and then defaults, then I am stuck on cooldown and losing money that I could be making.


Yes termination escrows do become more important. It would be smart to use those.
Good practice would probably be to secure your 7 days via the escrow.

And we are now introducing an ROI statistic that will help renters and owners.
It will show you how much ROI your rental is worth. So even if you put in a termination escrow you'll be able to quickly craft it the way you want.

Threw in another feature this morning and found a couple things to polish up or it may have made it out today. However it's looking like tomorrow.

Happy to have anyone test if they want to get a hold of me (jarvie) on discord.

They could fix it by having a lock on a week's worth of steem payments which is released back to the renter when the normal period is complete. Then if you get a default you at least get paid.

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This is true.
We're hoping people choose to use the escrow feature we already have to lock their 7 days.

We shall see soon what people tend to do.
Also we will see how common abuse actually is. Then adapt to that.
It'll be easy to adapt... but hopefully the escrow is enough.

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