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RE: Announcing steemmonstersdb market! - EVERY CARD AVAILABLE - Buy it now with instant delivery or make an offer!

It's great for an MVP.

Features I want as a buyer:

  • More sellers with different prices of course
  • A way to buy multiples in one click. I don't really feel like doing 150 transfers for one card. A check box would be slightly better, but just a numeric input would be best with some sort of hashing assignment in the memo would be even better.
  • An easy way to sell my cards (I see that's already in your plans)
  • Pagination and filtering. Really just mimicking steemmonsters' filters on the inventory page should do the trick.
  • If/when more people are in the marketplace a buy quantity at best price would be great.
  • Cart/checkout functionality. This gets a little tricky if a lot of people want the same cards. A live update with "Oh no, someone snagged one of your cards" sort of error would be a good incentive to check out quickly.

I'm sure I'll have more notes lol


Seriously, this is an awesome list of features, thanks so much for taking the time to share these great ideas!

And yeah, calling this an MVP is a bit generous, I can't wait to see what this evolves to because there's plenty of room to grow.

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