100 SteemMonster Card Give Away!!! Celebrating My 303 Card Sale!!!!

in steemmonsters •  3 months ago

Yes you read right 303 Steem for one card!!!!


I didn't really wanna sell the card but I had to. I found myself in a small pinch and well the card had to go!!!!

After offering it to one of my friends here on Steemit he didn't have any interest in it. So he suggested I just put the card up for sale on the SteemMonster market. So I did.

I'm pretty sure that this card will go for much more in the future and I will probably regret it. For now I just look at it as this was great for the cause. Now someone else can enjoy this super duper dope card.

Haha sorry I didn't even say which card it was. Bet you would like to know. Okay I won't be a jerk and keep if from you guys.

So after talking with my boy I put it up for $275!!!! I know I know you guys are still wondering hold on a sec okay!!! Lol... Literally two minutes later the card sold and I had 303 Steem in my account!!!

Okay Okay. I had the Gold Frost Giant!!!! Here's a picture

Frost Giant_gold.png

I bet you guys are wondering how to get the giveaway!!!!

Everyone who leaves a comment will receive a SteemMonster card!!!! It doesn't matter how many comments you leave your name will only count once.

Each user is guaranteed a card as long as the comment is accepted.

Must have a Rep of 40

No Spam accepted

Each qualified username will go into a litteral hat. I will pick the card I am giving away before I pick a name out of the hat.

Example: I pick the Fire Demon card. Than I pull out a name from the hat and thay user receives the fire demon.

If you do not have an account with SteemMonsters yet don't worry you will still receive your card. You just need to log in to see it.

100 Cards up for grabs!!!!!

70 Commons Including 5 Gold

20 Rares Including 2 Rares

8 Epics

2 Legendaries

Spam comments will be flagged!!!!

I am giving away 100 cards so that makes a limit of 100 users. Even if I get less than 100 participants I will still give away the 100.

Name collection begins in 48 hrs!!! That's 8-16 at 4:15 am NYC time. So you have until than to post a comment (meaningful comments would be great just saying!!!)

On Thursday I will draw all the names live on Dlive!!!!! Not sure exactly what time but just stay stuned!!!!!!

Let's make this a thing!!!!!

Just Uploaded "ShitCoins" on Musicoin!!!! Click on the picture to listen to the song!!!!

Join our discord today!!!!!

Don't forget to vote for @Block-Buster for Witness!!!


To vote, use the link above, and go to the bottom of the page, and enter block-buster into the box and click the VOTE button:

I hope you all enjoy this post!!!!!

Until the next post


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That's amazing! Congratulations on your sale!

I know what it's like to be holding on to something, but having to let it go for one reason or another.... Isn't Steemit amazing, though? Had you not been here, playing a card game, what options would you have for getting out of the pinch you found yourself in?

I've been buying and selling cards for a few weeks, and I can't wait until I get that one card that will give me a payout even half as large as that!

Congratulation 🏅 Mr. Frost!

That's awesome. I think you're right, the USD of the card may increase later, but if you time it right with the price of Steem, you may be able to buy one back for less Steem even if the USD price is higher.


Or Steem sinks and you actually need more steem, even though the price of the card decreased...


True, it's possible that may happen, but personally I'm buoyant that Steem Monsters will actually aid the price of Steem as players without any crypto experience use "real" money to buy cards and packs which demonstrates real world application of Steem as well


Correct, but Steem Monsters isn't the only market player... Steem Monsters may try to boost Steem's price, but it won't do that if the rest of the market player decide to fall.

It's like trying to save a bunch of children by bringing them to a mountain for a tsunami and they all just jump off. I mean... You can only save it to a certain level and try to bump it to a certain stage...


Absolutely. I'm certainly not naive enough to think Steem Monsters is the only player in the market, I'm just suggesting it has the potential to have a strong influence as it takes off.

Congratulations on your sales, and wow.
Such a generous giveaway

Congratulations to you bro
I have never looked into this game but this post has poked my interest.
303 Steem for a digital item.
It's crazy

Wow, that's very generous of you. Hope I can get one of the golds. I saw the gold frost giant for sale too late. Otherwise, I may have considered buying. 😀

Sweet! And grats on the sale! I am feeling the pinch myself.. especially the way crypto has been going. I am seriously feeling the pain. Where did my lambos go?

Congratulations to you on your sale bro
I'm just seeing though and its a great one to me, never know this before but this is great

Lucky Steemian who bought that Gold Frosty...
And more lucky steemians who win this giveaway!

Thanks for doing this :)

Holy Smokes!
I need to get in on that gold foil.
Only have a few commons.

It's a wonderfull give away. Thanks a lot !!
Good luck in the game.

I will also play in SteemMonsters.
Thanks !!!

👹😱 Oh Wow @mrviquez ! You were so lucky to have pulled the Gold Frost Giant Legendary card, theres only 9 of those in the deck of 385,105 Cards! To bad you had to sell for $300.00 , I feel the same way right now in dire need of some funds, so I feel your pain my friend. I am still searching for my first Gold Legendary Fingers Crossed every time lol! The best and only Gold Epic Card I have is The Enchantress Of The Night I love her , but if I have to sell to survive I will... Thanks for sharing and I really hope another Gold Legendary comes your way soon! Good Luck! 👍✌👌👹👾👿👺 upped and resteemed!

This could end up becoming a huge loss in the future(i mean your decision to put it up for sale) but it could also pay off as beign a great decision. I always hear about steem monsters, I think it's time to hop in too.

Upvoted !!
Great. Thanks a lot.

oooh @mrviquez, this is really amazing . Literally I was not aware that the steem monstercards would carry such a value. I think you didnot make a loss because the value of steem will also increase later so you will enjoy the profits. Thanks for the generosity!!

Wow. Nice job on the sale! And put me down for a comment for the giveaway! 😁

That’s mighty nice of you! Thanks.

I am new to Steem monsters. I don't have any cards yet. Hope I can receive my first cards here.

Le us get to the point, when your pocket is out of money then life looks boring, i know it's the painful truth of life . But no worries as time never stops, it changes continuously without any hurdles, so never relax till the job is done.

nextgen622 has been telling me all about Steem Monsters lately, and he told me about this giveaway. Thanks for doing the giveaway. And 303 Steem! That’s pretty fantastic for just one card!

Congratulations on your $ˢᵗᵐ303 sale!

I'm still hoping to one day open a booster pack containing a Gold Foil #steemmonsters card. So far I only have 1 GF monster, and that one was given to me.

My card is on its way. It's time already. 👍👍

Wow!!! The future is extremely bright for gamers worldwide. COngratulations to you man! A very rare card you once had but like you said you had to let it slide due to your own personal reasons. I'm also a game freak If you ask me. Pls How do I partake in steem monsters game related activities?

Congratulations on your sale! 303 STEEM! I'm still struggling to get the required SBD to buy the starter pack. I can't even imagine what it's like to be able to buy or sell a card at that price :D .

One thing I got confused about the giveaway rules:

Must have a Rep of 40

Do you mean exactly 40, or is it between 40 and 50? Or do you mean at least 40? ...

303 STEEM!


I hope that recovers your Steem Monsters investment?

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congratulations @mrviquez for your 303 of the sale of your letter hopefully there are more sales of these

Congratulations on your sale!

That's a lot of cards o.o

I've always wanted to understand, what can be done with these cards, so I join the game. That the games of cards are created.
Good vibes.

damn son, when i thought getting into steemmonsters was a bad investment you proved me wrong,congrats.

Soy nuevo en los monstruos Steem. Aún no tengo ninguna tarjeta. Espero poder recibir mis primeras tarjetas aquí

Damn Mr ! I hear ya ! I still am holding onto mine, only sold a regular elemental phoenix so far, but my best pull / card is a gold epic. I probably would've sold too if I had a GF legendary and I'm sure you're one of the most supportive steemians to this game. Cheers!

I'm not sure if I can participate but either way good luck to everyone and thanks for all that you do Mr !! Have a great rest of the week, looking forward to the tournaments, although I'll be playing with the mnnows XD

So what's going on with no comments? I am simply curious about this to see what happens. But curiosity leads to bigger things. I wonder what I'll get :)

Hey @mrviquez , I really like how you make these contest, and I can't believe that you have sold a golden Frost Giant, was just looking at them in @steemmonsters market. Is this the most expensive card till now, that was sold?

Anyhow, I hope I will have a chance to win one of those Legenderies :P

Another great initiative by you! Keep on kickin'

wow, congratulations sir, i really didn't know about this but 303 steem! wow! that is a dream i would one day get into, once again congratulations on your sales

303 STEEM? OMG! Where have i been all these while? congratulations on your sales, i don't know about steemmonsters so i don't know if am supposed to be congratulating you or otherwise?

What another cool giveaway! 303 steem!! So cool, hope you don't miss it too much lol

303 steem
Thats gotta be huge

Am quite curios what card did you sell ?

Woohoo. Free cards. Who doesn't love a free legendary Gold card... Woo-hoo.... I'm in. It's a bummer you had to place your card on the market for $303 though. It will definitely worth more in the future. Thanks for the giveaway.. Gracias.

This is a great way to give to the community!
Fantastic work here, @mrviquez!


Congratulations sir, how do i become part of steemmonsters?

Thanks Bro! Where do i find the song?


Click on the banner of the city in the post.

I am going to pull a gold legendary one of these days!

congrats man, nice sale!

Those gold cards do look good :) Not many of those legendaries though.. Hopefully you don't lose any sleep over the sale. Time to unpack another? :)

OK I'll bite sanchez. First comment on steemit in weeks haha. Good luck all!

I'm not very versed in Steemmonsters. DO we need to have cards to get cards?

Bro , good raffle . I love it🔥

I think that might've been the one @o07 bought.
If so it's his third :)

Wow is incredible that really pay so much for those cards then means that in the future its value will be much higher! I would love to receive a letter so I will try to participate in that :)

The gamer in me is finding it harder and harder to resist steemmonsters! Just joined discord channel too and probably wont resist in joining the game :) Maybe I'll get the first card from you! Thanks for the giveaway!

I Want so much this card!! Amazing game! Thank u for the opportunity :D

Awesome! Im a Magic The Gathering fan and i love this project! Lets see what card i can get :D
Thank you so much for this giveaway @mrviquez

Whoaaaa! What a lucky break. I have won a few cards in some contests, but I haven't even checked how much they are worth. 😜

303 is a good number, the name of one of my favorite roland the acid bass! Good luck to all, cool giveaway.

Congratulations on the sale. Even if you regret it in the future, you can just think back to all the people (me included) that you'll make happy with the giveaway that resulted from the sale. Lol!

I don't have any steemmonster card yet but if I recieve the first one I will begin to colletionate.

Am I too late?? Pls pick me! Hehe no great comment to say, I guess I’m trying my luck for you to notice me. 😅 plssssss!

When you give without agenda in life, you tend to have good things happen to you. By giving away these cards I hope you never have to be in a pinch again, but if you do I wish that the good karma you spread will get paid forward to you.

My newbie collection contains only commons so winning a rare and above would be delightful. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for hosting this generous contest.

Giveaway Entry Closed!!!!!

I like epic gold

Congratulation ;)

Hmm, I may be too late for this one but let's give it a go :) I'm still waiting on that gold foil to rock up in one of my packs lol. It must be a great feeling - I hope when it does get here its a dragon 😎

hey! steem monsters is pretty epic and i look foreword to the giveaway!

Thanks a bunch for the 2 cards !💕✌👍✌👍💕