SteemMonsters MATCH ANALYSIS #2

in steemmonsters •  3 months ago

yesterday @littlescribe and @coruscate designed teams and fought a match against eachother.

I have broken it down and talked about the match for 20 minutes... only 10 minutes if you listen in 2x speed. haha

You're buying these cards it's gonna be handy to invest some time learning how games work and different ways to think about the battles.
Speaking of buying you can buy quickly and in bulk over at

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Wow! Shows how important strategy will be as even with a one card difference and being the first to suffer a loss, the team bounced back to win. I can't wait to try this out!

This is great. Love to see it played and learn more about the abilities and see it in action. Strategy!


yeah i can't wait until we start seeing more and more!

Awesome :) Thanks for that.
I have never played these types of card games before and am a complete noob but that was fun to watch! I get it :D
It would be great to see the characters names on the card for visual reference :)
Just a thought :)


that is a good thought... these animations are finalized but i'm guessing the user will be able to click on them if they're actually interacting.


Alll good :)
I look forward to seeing more matches :D
Cheers monster :D

Excellent job covering this battle, Jarvs. Can't wait for Comicon Thursday!!!