MAX RARITY - SteemMonsters data analysis


What can we derive from this Deep Data Dive?

  1. First this is only presently more cards will be made
  2. There will likely be MANY MANY more beta cards
  3. Maxed Commons could be the most rare maxed cards
  4. Epics will be the easiest to MAX for regular
  5. Golds are more predictable 18 > 13 >10 > 7
  6. The cheapest card to max right now is a RARE card.
  7. Common $15.16, Rare $6.48, Epic $8.64, Legendary $41.20
  8. However that's based off a momentary look at the lowest BCX and market depth will not actually result in those prices.
  9. Maxed Gold Legendaries are barely more rare than Maxed Gold Epics
  10. None of this data deals with the effectiveness in battle

You tell me how you'll react to this data both in game play and in the markets


Use to buy/sell cards
Use to buy booster packs

These are the numbers we used for deciding MAXED LEVELS
Calumam  Leveling.png

p.s. we're testing a new feature for @steempeak ... see if you can tell what it is. haha


I hear that new cards will be coming out for the kickstarter so that will also make the cards from the alpha packs rarer as well. Lots to happen soon!

Really liked this write up - thanks.

Q. Looking at your points 3 and 10 - other than it being possible to do, to your knowledge is there any battle effectiveness benefit to actually maxxing out a common card?

Thanks again :)

i think commons will be effective starting at level 6 and 7 ... there is a possibility for level 5

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