Struggling to get into the Top100

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@mongshter's player profile on SteemMonsters

The Season is Running full Steem,

and the new rules keep it an exciting challenge!

The new versatile match mechanics and the progressive league-based card-level limits really make this game a lot more interesting. Despite having completed my daily quest in a jiffy I still find myself excited to play more matches trying to claim a spot in Leaderboard.

Just now I had a really exciting match against a rather overpowered dragon/death deck played by @tipopipa. When I saw the two legendaries being flared out to the battlefield, I really didn't think I'd have much of a chance. But my "100% Renewable Energy" combo pulled through!

See for yourself:

SteemMonsters Battle Replay of @mongshter against @tipopipa
Battle Replay on

Disclaimer: SteemMonsters Replays include a referral code!


see you on the battlefield


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