Epic Flesh Golem Stand-Off over TWENTY Rounds & My First Impressions of the New Gameplay

in #steemmonsters5 years ago (edited)

Two almost identical Earth Teams

"Taking Sides" with 26 Mana Cap

A tiny difference in placement can decide the game...

...it might just take a whopping 20 rounds!

20 Rounds Earth against Earth @mongshter vs @heavyb
Battle Replay on SteemMonsters.com

That's what I call an epic stand-off right there. Usually I would have played the Earth Elemental in the last position just like @heavyb did, but since the new Season has reset all our rankings, starting over in the Bronze League comes with challenging level restrictions on our playable cards. That means no Healing ability for the trusted Earth Elemental and switching up that position made all the difference!

The New Gameplay

I absolutely love it! I actually play the game instead of just grinding with the same deck over and over just to get that daily booster.

The new gameplay-rules really encourage experimenting with different strategies and actually requires a little bit of cognitive effort for every single match instead of just setting up a "deck-of-the-day" to play over and over again. I understand that the motivation behind this update was to reduce scripted farming, but really, we've received so much more than just a "security-patch".

I'm finding myself actually playing the game even after receiving my daily booster pack. And it feels like actually playing and not just grinding in anticipation of 5 new cards!

Old habits are hard to kill :P

Derpy derp. ADHD and the predeveloped habit of playing monsters in a tab in the background while working on other stuff has caused me a few losses due to timing out while failing to set up my hand... lol... sorry to the guys who stared at the matchmaking screen on the opposite end, but hey, free ranking points, you can't really complain!


see you on the battlefield


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