Easy Method to Double Your Profits - Sell the Same Card Twice!

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It's possible to sell a card and then still keep it!
Money for nothing and a shark for free!

Now for the click-bait disclaimer: I don't actually know how to do this. But it does happen. Now this isn't much of a concern for the seller, but it must be a huge bummer for the buyer.

Luckily for me, I noticed this while selling a card. If I would have been the buyer in this instance, I guess this post would take a much different tone.

So, here's what happened:

Listing my Gold Foil Sabre Shark

I don't really intend to play super competitively in those rumoured to come exclusive Gold Tournaments, so I usually try to just sell my Gold Foils for a modest price.

This gilded Sabre Shark was in one of the boosters from my Season Reward and I listed it on the market right away for the competitive price of $1.79.

market listing of gold sabre shark by @mongshter

The card found a buyer almost immediately, but apparently something went wrong:

Erroneous Sale by mongshter

This item must locked by the current purchaser within the past 40 blocks.

But what does that even mean?! It didn't make much sense to me and it showed I didn't receive any money for it either, so who cares... things go wrong, no harm done, the card was still in my collection.

I didn't really bother too much about it, the market had moved and I could re-list my Gold Shark for a better price, $1.99. Good for me!

relisting the gold shark for $1.99

Making a Surprising Discovery

I sold another card in the meantime and I decided I'd do a quick back-of-the-envelope-calculation again to see if I'm actually playing the game with profits in the bank already, when this caught my eye:

payment received despite error in sale

22 hours ago - Received 2.947 STEEM from peakmonsters

So, it turns out, I've actually received the payment for that erroneous sale. Yet, I am still in possession of that card and I have it listed for sale on the market, again! Hmmm?!?

So what's going on here?! Did PeakMonsters just send me some free money because their trading engine fucked up?! I decided to look a little further into this.

The Buyer bites the Lemon

Sure enough, I can see the buyer had in fact sent his payment for that Gold Shark right away:

the buyer did send payment

It also appears said buyer went on a serious shopping frenzy buying cards for hundreds (maybe thousands?) of bucks and he likely hasn't even noticed that he's one Gold Shark short.

Let's take a look... DAMN!

Sure must be nice to go on a SteemMonsters shopping spree like that, but right now I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

tons of erroneous purchases for jarunik

It turns out that @jarunik actually has a ton of these erroneous purchases in his trading history, I haven't checked, but I'd assume at least some, if not all of the cards, didn't ever reach him?!

I also checked whether he had received any refunds from @peakmonsters in the meantime, and that doesn't appear to be the case either.

So, @jarunik, if you read this, you might want to look into what's happening there. I'd suspect you're short on a substantial amount of cards that you've paid for!

Oh and... what do we do about that Shark you've paid for?!

I've contacted @peakmonsters on Discord, but nobody has replied to me there, yet:

inquiring on peakmosnters discord

Has anyone else experienced a market glitch like this?!

Let me know in the comments.

P.S.: @asgarth got back to me on discord and explained their trading engine experienced a backlog yesterday. They were aware of the problem and had already fixed the issue in the meantime. They will also be refunding @jarunik... so free money from @peakmonsters for me it was after all... I'll probably spend it on their marketplace again anyways... so yeah... more fun for everyone and thanks for all the fish ;)


see you on the battlefield


Hey, thanks for reporting this. On Discord we talked about it about 10/12 hours ago and the fix is already in place ;)

And he is in discussion with me for the refund. So should be fine. Good to test and battle ready everything now before we even get more people going on shopping sprees. ;-)


This was written about 18hrs ago on discord.

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