September Giveaway Series-1 till sep-21 - 5 SBD to 5 Lucky winner (1SBD/Winner)

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I am hosting a new series of contests that I plan to hold at least once per week that is simple and easy for everyone to participate in.

All you have to do is,

1.) Upvote and Resteem this post.

2.) Follow me to know about result

3.) Drop a comment below with your Steem Monsters username.

How will the drawing work?
At the end of the weekly payout period, I will use a random number generator to select 5 Winners.

I will include the name on the winning individual in the results post and transfer 1SBD to each winning account.

That's it!

Thank you for participating and good luck!


Yup! I was wondering how you could pay out more than you own.

yeah but i am going to buy it and then i can

Yes, I read that. Thanks for the response.

326 votes and only worth 8 cents!!!!??? How can that be? You must be getting DUST votes. Come join my games and contests and get votes for your comments and participation.

I would enter your contest, but I don't have a steemMonster username. Sorry.

Transfer 0.700 SBD to hugewhale

Looks like you got suckered. From what I've read, you rarely win by using these "services".
My votes are still small, but at least they don't cost you way more than you get back.

What... 16 hours and no entries yet in this great giveaway!!! 😲

I'll happily be the 1st - my steemmonsters name is goose20.

Thanks 👍

Thank you and Good luck

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