HF20 herbal tea

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Its not everyday one gets to have a front sit at the golden experience of an upgrade of a revolutionary technology that will change the world, the HF20, the monumental hard fork velocity of the steem blockchain. I'm glad to be a part of this history for what its worth, in years to come when people need to have a feel of what the HF20 was like, they could take a stroll to my posts and have a fill of the drama. One thing remains constant though, speculation, price matters, value propositions and decision metrics is not determined by one person.

Basically almost anything is possible, yes some developments take more time and resource than the other's, but with the right application of techniques and know how's with time, almost anything can be done. The question therefore has never been a problem of what can be done, but what should be done. What should be done to make this world perfect in all its ramifications of existence? What is the effect of perfection on the majority at the cost of the present factors to considering the potential availability of futuristic development, innovations and requirements.

Some of us need the HF20 pulled on us in real life. Some people have been the same for almost all their lives, so much the same that any hardfork on them at all might render them useless. It is very easy to sway with the wind, however it takes an ample amount of courage and effort to sail against the wind in pursuance of a deeper purpose in the light of all what fulfills humanity, vision. They say old habits die hard, but I find it harder to separate habit from routine. One word for habit, cut it....

So guys let me show you what my deck looks like
Meet my RARE's, if you zoom in, I think defender of truth is the strongest of them, lol though he looks like child's play to me, no fine boy wins battles around here. Point wise, I could double those points you know, by getting in battles or by purchasing more booster cards. Then I have some points on Enchantress of the night...she better be some mean and strong witch indeed, I didnt get you bought for no reason. Magi of the forest aint even looking sexy, I think I need some badass RARE, its time for me to hit that market, I hope these points really is something. In my next post I'ld tell you more about my cards...lets get the game spirit on.

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