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RAWR? Are you stealing @meesterboom's schtick now? LOL!

It's so much fun when you get a gold isn't it? Of course I'd like to see a gold dragon, or a gold gold dragon haha!


I've got no clue what I'm doing with these cards but I've seen the market and I think I'm going to HODL and keep powering them up as I accumulate. I can't wrap my brain around the gaming rules but some of the challenges they're putting out looks like fun! RAWR! lol That's my scary mama bear sound.

@ merej99 I see that you are having a lot of fun with these SteemMonsters cards!
There should always be space for recreation, excellent video, I saw that you received a golden letter I assume that is good
I wish you a prosperous week


I really have no idea what I'm doing but I do know that I'm having fun. I hope you have a wonderful and productive week! :)

Hahaha, thats awesome @merej99 , im so glad you decided to join Steem Monsters , its a lot of fun! Not sure if you seen the post by @aggroed all about the Game Play Machanics Revealed!" but heres the link to check out with all the information, I have it book marked and reference it a lot when I get cards , im all ready getting 2 teams built up but not sure yet if I will play lol! Good luck , i hope you find Gold!✌👌💕👹💀👿
Also lots of questions answered by @yabapmatt in this interview by @littlescribe ! with some new information added !


I'm in the collecting phase for sure! Not sure if I'll participate in game play. Too much going on, plus taking programming courses. My brain's already on overload. LOL


Lol , I hear ya @merej99 ! I feel the same way lately ! BOOM!👌✌💕😂