NFL Lowest Score Contest #26 - Win a Undead Priest & 300 DEC

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Contest Prizes:

Pick the lowest scoring game and guess the total score to win a Frozen Soldier from the hot new game Steemmonsters.
If you pick the correct lowest scoring game and guess the exact total score, you will win a bonus of 300 DEC.



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About SteemMonsters

Come play or invest; it's a win win either way.
For more information about SteemMonsters, check out their website.
If you are new and serious about the game, @TeamPossible can help guide you to a better experience (at no charge to you of course).

Contest Rules:

1-This contest adhere’s to ContestKing’s philosophy of no upvote, no resteem, and no follow required to enter
2-Reply with the lowest scoring game and the total score
(For example: San Francisco @ Denver 28)
3-First entry that comes closest will win prize: beta Undead Priest
4-First entry to correct pick the lowest scoring game and guess the exact total score will win a bonus of 300 DEC
5-If there is no winner, I will randomly give away the beta Undead Priest
6-Each player may only submit one entry
7-No editing after the contest deadline (I will check this before payout)
8-Deadline to enter August 17, 2019 at 03:00 PM EST

Game List:


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San Francisco - Denver 27

Cleveland-Indianapolis 26

Kansas City at Pittsburgh 22

Congrats, you won a SteemMonsters beta Frozen Solider.

Thank you.

San Francisco - Denver 21