NFL Highest Score Contest #28 - Win a Frozen Soldier & 300 DEC

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Contest Prizes:

Pick the highest scoring game and guess the total score to win a Frozen Soldier from the hot new game Steemmonsters.
If you pick the correct highest scoring game and guess the exact total score, you will win a bonus of 300 DEC.



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About SteemMonsters

Come play or invest; it's a win win either way.
For more information about SteemMonsters, check out their website.
If you are new and serious about the game, @TeamPossible can help guide you to a better experience (at no charge to you of course).

Contest Rules:

1-This contest adhere’s to ContestKing’s philosophy of no upvote, no resteem, and no follow required to enter
2-Reply with the highest scoring game and the total score
(For example: Greenbay @ Oakland 48)
3-First entry that comes closest will win prize: beta Frozen Soldier
4-First entry to correct pick the highest scoring game and guess the exact total score will win a bonus of 300 DEC
5-If there is no winner, I will randomly give away the beta Frozen Soldier
6-Each player may only submit one entry
7-No editing after the contest deadline (I will check this before payout)
8-Deadline to enter August 29, 2019 at 07:00 PM EST

Game List:


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Atlanta at Jacksonville 26

Oakland at Seatlle 67

Los Angeles at San Francisco 66

miami norleans 66

No one picked the winner this round.
However, you have been randomly selected to win a SteemMonsters beta Frozen Soldier.
Thanks for your continued support of my little contests.

Thanks Mello!

Thanks for the card Some Days ago!!
Here is My guess.
Arizona Denver 56

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