Steem Monsters Cards for Free! Totally 100% All Yours!

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Just Follow the Graphic Instructions:

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   If you simply resteem, tweet, or post to facebook about this post(link to the post needed) you will be entered to win these cards.  In the comments please list what you did and the link to it for me to verify it. will be selecting our winners even the gold twisted jester!

   Now why is it important to follow username @matchandwin because check this out!

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post - tweeted at - posted on facebook and facebook fan page ( - )- working on a post on our Company Website - Posted on my linkedin (linkedin name windofae)
Just did reddit "aeWinD" and am about to resteem
@marcuswahl @matchandwin @aggroed

Shared among my friends at Wizards. Thanks to @aewind for showing me this neat card game. If anyone here plays MTG:A and would like a code for 5 free packs just send me a message.

I have resteemed!!

I linked your post in my daily giveaway.

I also twitted :

I will likely resteem tomorrow.


I never resteemed ( forgot + I am now running out of RC ) but ...

Twittered my tweet out plus resteemed the deed

Posted using Partiko Android

I resteemed, thanks for the competition

Resteemed. Good luck all ^^