Steemmonsters Card Giveaway!

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Hi guys!
Today I want to offer you a Giveaway of one of my steemmonsters card:

Animated Corpse Level 02

This card seems to be weak, but I think it could be potentially helpful. First of all Life level 7 is very good, then is already level 2 so you can improve faster the level of this card purchasing other cards on the market.


It is very very easy:

  • Add a comment writing whatever you want, for example I am in or I will win the card
  • upvote this post
  • resteem and follow is really appreciate but not a must

I'll put all names into a random name picker to decide the winner.
Deadline for entries is by the time this post pays out, or the first 20 entries.

I will send the card to the winner after the post's payout. Obviously let me know if you have a different stwemmonsters username, otherwise I won't be able to send you the gift.

Good luck!


Great! I want it!
This Corpse is very helpful when "Only Melee", "Super Melee" and "Melee Mayhem" Rules.

I need that melee monster as I'm prioritizing my Dark monsters! If I'm lucky enough, that should be my first level 2 monster on my collection

~ resteemed

You are the winner @qpals! Congratulations! I've sent you the card

Lucky me! Thanks.

Quiero la tarjeta \o/

Wow I need this card

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Thank you very much for this contest.
Yes this card seems not to be very usefull and I put her also not often in my team, but when the rules say "Malee attack can attack from every position" or "Malee Attack have sneak" this card is Favorit as she cost only 4 mana and make 2 damage at level 1, that's great for this rules. As you see my card is still level 1, so would be great to get level 2 of this card.

I hope, that I will win the card

I want it!

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I'd like to enter. Haven't leveled up my Death splinter yet.

want this card so i can level up my brain eater xD

Thank you for the giveaway! I hope I win!

I want this card! Thank you for doing the contest.

I'm in. Thanks for the chance.

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I want this card very much

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