Monster maker: create your own steemmonsters now!!!

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DISCLAIMER: You can not use these monsters in game of course!

I did not draw the dragon

I have managed to finish up the monster maker and make it into a useable product before I am leaving for Thailand. Once I am in Thailand and settled a bit, I might add some extra features as well.

At the current time of writing the entire functionality for creating cards is finished, unfortunately there is no easy way to export and / or save the cards you have created. The easiest way would be to take a screenshot of each lvl of the card and one of the stats summary.

If you were to post any cards using the Monster Maker, please use the tag #monstermaker as well so I can check out your cards! ;)

You can find the Monster Maker at ! ENJOY!

Below is a short video on how to create your own monsters:

Example monster:



Lvl 1


Lvl 2


Lvl 3


Lvl 4


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Hey! I just left Thailand, I was in Chiang Mai for a month. Where are you going? I loved it. I'm currently in Cambodia, let me know if you move around at all. I would love to grab a cup of coffee and catch up. I learned to program :)

I will be around the Chiang Mai and Pai area mostly, like it a lot around there, haha!
I have to do a visa run after 2 months, so likely I'll be moving then, you still going to be around Asia by that time?
Alsooo awesome! I missed you at Steemfest 3 though!

They should do a design contest and use the best ones in the game.

How about a LivingMonster?

Haha, I love the random image that looks like a monster!

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Really strong nature monster, but you have to drop down the mana points to use it :D

Ha ha!! I have absolutely no idea what this means.

With a low Mana you can use your monster in every battlecrew :)
With Mana 1 or 2 i would buy it :)

Yo! I have a killer card now. If I sell this for a fortune, plus the trillions I have in my wallet now, I'm flying all the way to the moon!!!!

Steem on Monsters!!!!!


Pahahah - Yeah - thats now the ultimate Killermonster.

plus the trillions I have in my wallet now

rofl Yeah - I made a powerdown and I've already ordered a Learjet and hired a pilot. Then I can visit all Steemfest´s and monster parties whenever I want. :D

We can have some fun with this though. lol nice job!

That we definitely can, hahaha!

Lol how interesting but where are the golds? Great meeting you at sf btw:)

I haven't implemented golds yet, someone else asked for it too, haha! Will add it to my list!

And likewise!!!

Oh great! Now my cards are worthless! Might as well invent a machine that makes gold too!! 🤣🤣🤣

Oh no, I did the whole gold-invention-machine a few weeks back, but I'm keeping it a secret you know!

Just for clarity's sake, you can not use these in game!

this is me lol

Haha, seeing all the cards being made I'm happy I capped all stats at 99, haha!

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It is a great job!You really did a fantasy product bro! love you<3

eeeyeahhhh...a little dragon I made last year ... ;) #steemmonsters

Is that like a 3D model dragon? Looks neat!

yes it is! thank you! ;)

the best monster!

Looks so friggin' cute, haha!

Nice proposal..! Thank you for this..!

Glad you like it! Thank you for checking it out!

Very cool!

I'm expecting lots more card games to apprear this next year to help push Steem into the limelight 😁

Thanks man, took me a couple of hours in between getting ready to leave for Thailand, haha!

Nice . I just started on steem monsters 3 days back. And I am already loving it. But the starter packs didn't have much powerful monsters. Will sure check this out. 😁😁

Nice! Yeah, it's definitely an addictive little game, haha!

Hehe, that way you can at least fantasize about powerful monsters!

Awesome, my card:

Haha, nice one!

Cool, now I HAVE to check this out!

You definitely should, haha!

Oh that's so cute!

I've been thinking about mine for a bit. I just need to find a suitable image.

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I thougt i present my new killercard in my last article.
Go ahead!

I love it!!

Thanks! I think I saw that one passing by in discord too, haha!

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