Steem Monsters Elemental Sigils For Sale! Limited Editions.

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A few weeks ago, I created six original sigils, one for each of the Steem Monster elements.

2018-08-30 10_58_56-Steem Monsters Sigils.jpg

I've now decided to put them up for sale exclusively to the Steem Monster community.

This is also my official entry for the Steem Monsters Art Contest, Week 12 ... =)

Creative Process

To see how these were done, please check out this post from a few weeks ago.

2018-08-30 11_20_16-Steemit.jpg

Each sigil, printed at maximum resolution, is up to half a meter squared (about 20" x 20"). I'm releasing them under a limited edition series for each one, in two different sizes: 

Full resolution, printable up to 20" x 20" file - 20 Steem
(Only 5 of each sigil at this size will ever be sold).

Smaller resolution, printable up to 13" x 13" - 12 Steem
(Only 8 of each sigil at this size will ever be sold)

I also hereby declare that once all files in the limited series have been sold,
I will never again sell any sigil at any size.

Lastly, each individual sigil in each series will have a subtle, unique signature added to it by me just before I send it, making it 100% unique and extremely difficult to plagiarise.

Here are the six sigils, with a small description of the creative process for each one. You'll notice that I used the colours from each Summoner card for each sigil...


I really wanted to capture a feeling of smoldering flames here.
The background I made dark, for ashes. The two shades of the fire itself is from Malric's skin and flaming hair.


It was difficult finding formulae to produce a flowing water feel!
I threw in the purple and white to represent Alric's beard and purple flame.


For Earth, I wanted growing greenery obviously, but also some earthy brown to represent soil.
The shapes in this worked out perfectly, with the green looking like it is growing/spreading over the earthy surface.


The colours here are obvious... The main thing I'm proud of here is that I used the same formulae as from "Death" - Notice the edges are very similar to the shapes in Death. Meant to represent Life in the center, keeping Death at bay, but really only temporarily, because in the end, Death always triumphs.


Death! Classic thorny blackness with the red and green from Zintar's robes and emerald flames..


The purple from the card, and the green from Selenia's dragon... The main thing I was going for here was dragon scales.
The bits of gold are meant to represent the supremacy but also the rarity of dragonkind.

Please get in contact with me in Discord (@mandelsage) if you are interested. Also, please feel free to use the "sticker-size" pics above for any (non-commercial) purpose =)

Finally, if you'd like to see the rest of my work, visit

Thank you for your upvote 💖
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All images, copyright @mandelsage
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These are awesome and beautiful!


Thank you, Isaria =) ... For your words and your support <3

I'm sure @steemmonsters and their hoard of fans will like this :)

Have you thought about making a design for that #communiTee t-shirt competition going on over on twitter ? I'm sure they'd love a fractal t-shirt !


I really need to use Twitter more! I always forget...

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Nicely done. They have a very unified aesthetic.


Thank you ^^ I really enjoyed creating them.

Wild stuff!


Thanks! =)

Nice! I love making these kinds of things on my phone. Great idea!


Hey there... Just wanted to say, you know, "for the record", that these sigils are so much more than the fun results of a phone art app... ;P Just because I'm sensitive to this because lots of people think that art made with digital tools is somehow less than what they call "real art" (traditional pen/paint and paper/canvas).

Not saying this is what you meant or what you think! Just clarifying for anyone else who might be reading ;) Hope you're doing well. Cards are so cheap now, right?? And did you invest in the kickstarter? =)

these are gorgeoussss!! love them a lot, great job! :)


Thank you very much! <3