After my first Steem Monsters season

I was always telling myself I will never start to play Steem Monsters. I don’t have much time for that (it’s either playing or writing) and of course it’s hard to be a “good player” if you don’t want to spend any STEEM. And I didn’t want to spend it.

But, well… I have joined Steem Monsters in last week. My Steem friends were talking about it a lot so I finally decided - why not? At any point I can always sell all cards and it won’t be a big loss for me.

Season was ending so it was about four days left for me. After Starter Set I also bought Beta Pack, Essence Orb and Basic Quest Potion so there would be more cards to choose from. I was very lucky because I drew Corrupted Pegasus worth $12.

Without any knowledge that was my only idea for building my army. Finally I understood basic rules and I was ready to go up on the leaderboard. I decided to play with black cards. They seemed the easiest to play and I was winning the most games with them. We all know it’s all about winning so if something works - don’t change it.

My favourite cards were:

  • Corrupted Pegasus,
  • Goblin Mech,
  • Haunted Spirit,
  • Twisted Jester,
  • Haunted Spider.

Without paying much attention to skills I was surprisingly going up the leagues and finally in the last hour I advanced to Gold III with 1907 points.

It was a really huge success considering that I just started the adventure with Steem Monsters. Thanks to that I received 22 new cards and with them I was read for next season.

So - do I like Steem Monsters? It’s hard to say right now - I see some good things in it and I also see some places where it can be improved for better user experience. I’m waiting for more updates - like mobile app!

See you next time!


I think it's a great game with a lot of potential!