We're Rebranding! Fan Fiction is now Steem Monster Show!

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@coruscate and I have LOVED every second of this little show we started. And it started out as just a simple idea to have people read the stories of the lore on a live show, and maybe talk about monster stuff.

That was it.

And now...well, we talk about the news, contests, art, music, trading, battles, monster gossip, AND lore! We have giveaways every show, and incredible talent and guests on every single week! We have now added Monster Kids to the show, and a sports component where we'll cover the battles as well. It's ballooning into something we can't get enough of. And we hope you feel the same way!

Check out the Monster Kids segment!

You brighten our week!

It's just been such a joy to see all your faces on the discord and dlive chats. We love seeing how much fun all of you have on the show. You brighten our week! So we wanted to rename the show to include everything Monster, not just the lore.

We hope you like the name.

But with it comes a lot of other stuff too.

  • We've opened a new account @steemmonstershow, so stay tuned as we gradually move content to that page. We'd like to have a place where everyone can meet centrally to get their monster fix.

  • We also renamed the discord channel from STEEMTOPIA to Steemmonstershow. Go figure. So don't be confused by the new name and avatar, guys. It's just us.

  • And of course, we'll also be expanding out into the wild blue yonder of "ordinary" social media. So be sure check us out as we begin to add content to our twitter page, youtube channel, and more! We'll share more on that as we get going. But do stay tuned, as we're extremely excited.


An amazing ride

Thanks for taking the ride with us as we have grown from Fan Fiction into a full-content show. We intend to stick around for a very long time. And you are the ones we'll remember as supporting us in the very beginning.

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Ooooh big rebranding drive I like it! I will have to tune in for the first episode of SMS! Awesome stuff, I just signed up so I’m ready to dip my toes into the water and see what this is all about

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Yay! Well, you'll learn a lot just from hanging out on the show. We try to keep everyone informed as to what's going on with news, lore, contests, trading tips, and how to play the game. And the audience is all very good about helping out noobs to the game. so you are in good hands!

This is great news, congratulations @littlescribe and @coruscate! I look forward to the new show. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, I've really missed you lot, but I've been quite busy myself lately. I've been posting up a lot of SteemMonsters-related stuff, replying to heaps of people who use the #steemmonsters tag, and working on my custom Google Sheets spreadsheet which leverages the SteemMonsters API to access the live data directly from the main website. My first spreadsheet is just about the cards themselves, bringing in the JSON data directly from the SM website, but later I hope to do the same for the tournament rankings and battle scores, which no doubt you both will be interested in. I did something similar with the Steempunk.net game on Steem as well, creating a spreadsheet which pulls in data using the JSON API endpoints.

I will definitely be back though. I love your show, it's the best! 😍

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I know, you are doing so awesome! I'm excited to see your enthusiasm and all the things you're working on!

The show/competition seems to be hard and the chances or possibily of winning is slim...right?


Which competition are you referring to? The games themselves are set up so anyone can win. You just have to use a little strategy. But the card decks are played according to level.


Alright, I ve not taken a deep look to examine how it works. Just seeing people posting about it.

Thanks for shading more light.

So has nothing to do with the cards?


What do you mean? It has EVERYTHING to do with the cards. That's all we talk about. But we are not affiliated, if that's what you mean...


OK clear. The latter was what I meant indeed.

Oh Wow, I love it @littlescribe ! Great new name hahah you guys look adorable Lol!😂🐉 im also glad to see you have a new account @steemmonster show, I will have to remember that ! Nice to see how much you have grown from Fan Fiction to a Full - Content show, keep up the great work you guys @coruscate and I will continue to try and catch your show as soon as I wake up lol! Best of luck to you both!
Upped and resteemed!

Forgive me for my ignorance, but are there rules to the game now? It's a real thing?


No forgiveness necessary! Don't worry, the rules are just out last week. Yes, it's a real thing...almost. Actual games launch Oct. 1. Here, watch this. It explains how things work. https://steempeak.com/steemmonsters/@monsterworld/steemmonsters-match-analysis-2


If audio isn't something I usually can do, is there a written explanation of how it all works anywhere?

I absolutely LOOOVE IT ❤️ And the show is amazing so no wonder it's been a success 😉👍
And I love the new branding and name.
I can't wait to se what's next. You guys are awesome and thank you for making your place and fun hangout for us 👍😉❤️🤗🌻 Loves!


Well, it's fans like you who make it possible! So thank you right back!