18 hours until the end of a season!!!

in steemmonsters •  23 days ago

All hi. I want to share achievements in this game) I play it about two weeks. Here what during this time I could gather from gold)
My rank 245 Now. In a game there are a lot of strong players and the above you go on a ladder the more difficult to win victories. I want to wish all good luck more gold cards! Also give clamber up, remained very little! Thanks

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That Imp Bowman must be OP, only 2 mana :O

Hello. Do you use Telegram to communicate with?

How many money you spent to get such rating for two weeks?!!

I'm only get about 2800+1 to be in the Diamond III
And it was tough enough (and spent only about $10 over Starter Pack)


Hi. Yes I use Telegram @DarkAngelInMy. Spent about $30 besides a starting package

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