Bounty: How to best invest your DEC

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So steemmonsters now gives us DEC tokens for daily games.

The questions that jumps to mind immediately is what to best do with them?

Just for fun I bought a few tokens and saw what I could do with them.

There are a few new cards one can buy and there are potions and other game items we can buy.

Overall I think it is great, we now get extra rewards for playing and it should increase the value of cards, as better cards will get us better rewards.

Still the question remains what best to do with the tokens.

When I calculated the value I would have to spend when purchasing them in the market to buy the ingame stuff, it quickly seems that this is not good value.

That leads me to believe the best way to capture the value would be to sell them?

Is that correct?

Has anyone done some analysis on this?

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1000 DEC is worth about $1 and you are bound to collect at least 250 DEC completing daily quests. So selling does seem like a nice option. Gold Foil cards give 50 times more DEC when burnt but I remember that cards only have about 1% chance at being a Gold Foil. The gold card prices actually went up to reflect the amount of money one can gain by burning it for DEC and selling.


The cards you gain from orbs are more expensive and the total amount of cards are going to be lower than the Alpha edition. The 25% extra price compared to Beta packs seem very reasonable and you are bound to get some of the DEC just by playing. This actually seems like the best option

Mystery Reward

Sometimes it's an Orb and other times it's just a common card. The small sample I asked around isn't statistically significant to figure out the likelihood of receiving a good reward vs a generic one. It leaves too much to luck

Legendary/Alchemy Potions

Since the value of Legendary cards are way off other cards, this could be a wise pick. It's better to use the two potions together as Gold Legendary can easily be $100+

Quest Potion

Doesn't seem like a great deal compared to Legendary/Alchemy Potions. For 50,000 DEC you get 500 extra cards. For 20,000 DEC you can double the Legendary chance for 500 cards and add 25,000 DEC to combine it with Gold foil chance.

Those are my thoughts at the moment.


Any idea what are the bonuses for alpha and gold cards? As in one alpha card provides 20% increase in DEC received. But what if there are 2 alpha cards in the deck, does it stack up? Same question for Gold and promo cards.

I like the suggestions, so far. One thing that hasn't been mentioned, though, is using DECs to buy upvotes from the @steemmonsters account.

At the moment, upvotes give about 20% returns for your DECs. Sending 500 DECs to @splinterlands via got me a 1.157 STU upvote from @steemmonsters for my latest post. Deduct the curation rewards and I end up with a 0.867 STU value for my 500 DECs. I checked its value yesterday, and my 500 DECs were worth about $0.59 if sold in the market. Granted, that's not much difference, but I'm trying to grow my account, so that's a good move for me. Keep in mind that the vote values fluctuate a bit based on the price of DECs. So, it's worth checking out @steemmonsters upvote values vs selling on the market. Nonetheless, barring any major abrupt trends in the market for DEC prices, upvotes should still be a good choice.

As for the potions, they are really pricey, especially if you consider the uncertainty behind them. So, for me, this is only a good investment if you have a lot of DECs to spend and if you are willing to wait for returns. For example, with the alchemy and legendary potions, even the 100% increase ones doesn't guarantee legendary or gold cards, but just the 100% increase in your chances. So, if you only had a 1% chance to get a gold or legendary card, to begin with, you'll just get double of that, which is still only a measly 2%. Granted, with 500 charges per purchase, buying the potions could eventually pay out. For example, on days when you begin with a 50% chance, the 100% increase means you double your chances that day to a guaranteed 100% chance for gold or legendary cards. Nonetheless, the uncertainty is still there. So you'd have to wait for the returns.

But, as pointed out, once you get just a single gold legendary beta/reward card and you'd be way ahead already since that is worth about 75,000 DECs, alone. For reference, a gold epic beta/reward is 15,000 DECs, a gold rare beta/reward is 3,000s, and a gold common beta/reward is 750 DECs. Alpha/promo cards, on the other hand, are double the DEC values of beta/reward cards.

As for the orbs, the chances of getting a good card is uncertain, so you'll be better off buying the cards you need individually from the market.

So right now, for me, the best way to use or invest DECs if you want immediate returns is to buy upvotes @steemmonsters. Selling them for STEEM comes second. But, if you're willing to wait, the alchemy and legendary potions are good, if risky, bets.

I made experiment and bought 70k for legendary and gold potions and 10 orbs. Opened orbs and their value was about the amount spent, so dec = 25k + 10% (50 charges) * 45k dec = 29.5k dec

Orbs for now give the most return on spending dec in my opinion.

Ps Thanks for supporting steemweb

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Dear friend @knircky, Very good question you bring to discuss.

Honestly I do not play steemmounster, but in relation to the token of the game, if with actions within it do not exceed or equal the value of the chips in the market. Obviously the best thing is that you sell them and you can at least recover the investment.

That's my opinion

I think it is highly dependable how serious you take Steemmonsters.

I feel they are a bit overvalued but at the same time there are some intersting things in the store. So there are enough reasons to spend them.

I am not sure what the volume on the shop is ( would be interesting ) but the volume on steem engine is around 1k$ the last time I checked. If the volume is higher on the shop I think we could even see a price increase but therefore we should know how much are mined daily on average...

I am too dumb for this so I just keep them for now


hahaha lol. well i was a bit too lazy to figure out myself also!

Demand is still high, price still rising because some players want to get the new promo cards asap. However, i think prices should start coming down in a few weeks max. There are also rumours DEC will be needed for the upcoming guilds feature which is another sink that might raise value.

What is interesting in the new update is that you can burn cards for DEC. All very cheap and worthless cards have been burned but also gold legendaries etc as the rewards for doing that are huge.

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At current prices, I do think you might be right. I was asking myself the same question. The only point I will highlight to buy them is that some things (skins or “orbs) are limited therefore, even if you have the DC in the future, you might not be able to get those later on.
Take care

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I would go for the potions that add +100% drop rates for gold foils and legendaries and then buy orbs for the new cards.

Also be sure to buy the potion for the daily mystery reward as the new legendary dragon summoner can only be obtained that way (one max level version is dropped to one user every other day). As of now, only @jarvie has gotten one!

I think you might be right or wrong, in the sense that selling might not help at the long run. What if the value go up, these days any token I get I tend to keep them instead of selling.

Even if the worst comes to the worst, I'll sell just a tiny quantity of it.

Right now the decision is pretty obvious and @steemmonsters will have to do something about it, because I believe their goal is for people to invest in the game and not sell from it. As @exyle showed days ago, just by winning a game (depending on the rank) you can make lots of STEEM, using Steam Engine to trade the tokens for STEEM.


Yea, though price of the tokens should be pegged what you can buy with them in game. So i am guessing they will come down?


It only makes sense that way, but until then I´m gonna try to get some STEEM to buy extra packs! :D

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You may be right! I did buy 40k DEC, I wanted to max out all my potion powers 😅

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How much is it to play steem monsters please?

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I don't think the value of that token is going increase any time soon from now, besides there is no really any fantastic projects that will sprout up the value.
so for me, i think selling the is the best option for now.
@knircky SELL IT

I think it's the most logical thing to save. I think it will help us in the future.

@knircky, I haven't done any analysis but for now i am holding my DEC TOKENS on Steemengine.

Enjoy Steemmonsters and have a great time ahead. Stay blessed.

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I'm still trying things out. I like my cards too much to convert them. Other players converting them to DEC will only make cards more rare and they'll be worth lot more i the future. So I'll stay away from conversion. Made this poll to track the community feedback. It might hep:

  ·  last month (edited)

The best way might be the new BOT feature that can be used on Steem-Engine (depending on how popular it gets). If one was going to spend it on anything else then its best to wait until we collect *300,000 DEC to get the extra + 10 ORBS that comes with the 100 ORB purchase and have both legendary potions to increase our chances of hitting something of worth.

How to get this tokens?
Is it worth it?

I believe the DEC just introduced and with time goes in, there will be many way to utilise it. I believe just storing it now on steem engine will be the best because I am sure in the future ,the value will go up on the steem engine

It is only a game token, use it for play and have fun

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All these tokens are a bit frustrating, you lose the overview too quickly, you always have to be up to date to see if they are still worth it.

Yeah I think selling would be best for ROI right now they will need to tweak the in game mechanics but I think overall its a good step for the game, it gives you a little more incentive to play the game and it should increase playing times too.

It also helps those who don't want to invest anymore and want to earn their way in the game which I think thats what they trying to push. I would be interested to see how many steem monster accounts actually opt to sell vs hodl or spend on in game upgrades