Lucky Spoils!

in steemmonsters •  26 days ago 

Congratz to @steemmonsters. You have created a very good game, something that has me a tiny bit addicted. So much so that I tend to play it a little bit on most days.

Really we on steem can be excited that such a great project is on our blockchain. I have been impressed with the progress and constant improvements!

Todays spoils for me was this:


two rare and one gold card.






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Nice one! That's an excellent batch of quest rewards. I know what you mean about how exciting and addicting the game is. I was inactive from the blockchain for about a month an come back to DECs, orbs, potions, and a whole bunch of new cards. I spent my Sunday playing. Lol!


that is good to hear. yes they really worked on making the game better and better

How can I play the game?

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Nice on :) Are you in the DEC hype already as well?


So far I have spend all my DEC as soon as I make 2500, buying orbs. It feels not like that is the prudent thing to do.

I feel I should sell the DEC and buy cards or keep the steem tbh.

The Extra rewards have made me want to play more for sure.

That is a good batch of SM cards :)

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Indeed, one year has passed and the game didn't lose the hype around it, mostly because of the constant developments...


And it is also a good game!


Yes, of course, it lives alongside with high expectations from players... :D

Bad news: You didn't hit two rare and one gold as you said.

Good News: You hit THREE EPIC and a Gold Wood Nymph which is much better then two rare and one gold :)

Awesome Hit !



Now that's a lucky drop. Gratz!

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