Decided to Invest in Some Splinterlands Decks to Compete in Tournements..!

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Splinterlands / SteemMonsters is a fuckin' great collectible trading and battle game built on the STEEM blockchain. I've been playing it for a while now and today decided that I was going to invest a bit of STEEM into buying some booster packs to try and raise my deck and its inhabitants to levels that are competitive.

First I bought about 20 beta packs, then I realized they implemented potions... Sooooo I bought one:

( in case you don't know about potions... They allow for better drop rates of awesome cards )


Then proceeded to buy another 60 packs or so and with the legendary potion was getting a 100% boost to the chance of legendaries dropping.. Sadly I wasn't smart enough to do this to the first 20 cards.


Luckily I got some pretty fuckin' rare legendary and gold foil cards, highlights of some of them below:



Some of the cards such as the Cyclops and Grumpy Dwarf were ones I'd had prior to investing a bit in cards.. But some like the gold foil Sea Monster card and the SilverShield Knight are new awesome additions to my deck. I also managed to get a few cool summoner cards as well such as the ones posted below:

image.png image.png image.png

Overall I'm happy with the cards I got dropped with help of the legendary potion. A really neat addition to the Splinterlands / SteemMonsters game for sure. See you all in battle soon hopefully, best of luck to you!


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awesome man, heres some ass tokens from my upvote and i will help u onbaord new users if you want to promote your casino! just talk to me in steemspeak we can use

Thanks ackza! Yeah man I'll to you later in steemspeak!

Glad to see you play too! I'm getting into it. Still learning and probably gonna buy more packs when I've got some more money to drop into steem. I'm loving it so far, it's definitely fun! I'm hoping I'll see some gold cards like you did, nice luck! :)

If you can afford it. I highly suggest investing in a legendary potion to improve your epic card drop rates.