7th SteemMonsters Giveaway Results!

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Steemmonsters Giveaway Results

Congratulations to @ironshield for winning that card! (Proof)

Last post I found I could make $1.20 per post on Steemmonsters giveaway posts. Here are the requrements to get better giveaways-

If we can reach $1 per post, I will give away 1 $0.60 card every other day, and a pack or two a week.
If we can reach $2 per post, I will giveaway 1 $1.20 card every other day, and two packs every week.
If we can reach $3 per post, I will giveaway 1 $2.00 card every other day and three packs a week.

So let's do this! Comment below what cards you want to see me giveaway next post depending on the post reward. Above $1 and you can pick out any $0.80 card you want to see next post and I might just give it away for free!

Quick side note, more audience interactions with posts gets me larger upvotes from @steem-ua. You don't have to upvote, follow, or comment, but doing those things makes my content look better in our great Steem overlord's eyes, meaning larger upvotes for us and larger giveaways I can do. Again, not required at all, but just a way for you to get larger giveaways without you needing to pay anything or upvote.

Keep in mind even if we are making upvote minimums, I can make $1.20 per post without upvotes from people who want to join the giveaway. Upvoting is not required from people who want to join, but if we can reach a certain dollar amount we can give away cards worth more.


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