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RE: Steem Monsters Ranked Play Season 2 Updates!

Thanks for the update @steemmonsters @yabapmatt and @aggroed ! What about people who are new like my son who joined but cant play long because he runs out of resource credits !? im sure many new players are having the same problems unless they deposit a bunch of money into steem power. Will this issue change any time soon for the newbies!? Thanks!👍✌💕


@karenmckersie for the moment steem monsters is delegating SP to those players who need it. Please reach out to us on discord and let us know your son's account name and we will delegate him enough SP to keep playing.

That's great thanks @yabapmatt , my son @mmckersie did get some delegation from crystalhuman for around 3.00 and 90 days, but he still runs out . He's ok now and has it built up more after waiting a couple days to play and not upvoting anyone , so hopefully it's ok now before the games start. Thanks again 👍😊👌

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We have just delegated some additional SP to his account from Steem Monsters, so he should be able to play and upvote more now. Please reach out if there is anything else we can help with!

Oh wow that's awesome thanks @yabapmatt 😊👍 I will let him know , he will be very happy it I'm sure!😁

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Or you could have delegated a little yourself. ;-)

I have never delegated before , plus Im all ready having to power down since being laid off work to survive and pay rent. I did pay for his starter pack and also gifted some cards to get him started. This was not just about my son , its about the survival of steem monsters if they want the game to last with new people joining from outside of Steemit , and being able to play. People wont stay long or have their friends join the game if they cant play for long without depositing money into their steem accounts. This is why yabapmatt is helping out all the new players. 👍✌ has some awesome deals right now too! :) You can get at least 20SP for 24 weeks at a rate of about 1.6 STEEM. Less time = more SP so, you could get 40 SP for roughly the same price and half the lease time. (only 12 weeks) For 5 STEEM you can rent enough SP to make sure you have RC to play SM and still be able to comment/upvote once in a while without draining you too much..

Thats good to know, thanks a bunch for the information @crystalhuman !👍✌💁

My pleasure, you probably already know this but you can also rent from :)