My best little DEC gain

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I'm very happy to share with you my best placement in steemmonsters's tournament 6th and my best DEC earn in 1 day.

Usually it's hard for me play in the tournaments because i can play only in lower level tournament and it begin during my working hours.

Yesterday i did 3 tournaments and i reached 6th place and 28th place and earn in total 1300 DEC.

Now i have only to choice wich card I'll purchase :D
Do you have an advice?

I should to play more tournaments to improve my deck.

Actually I'm waiting the end of the season, so I can view new deck "UNTAMED" and I can decide the plan of my future purchase.

Now I know only that STEEMMONSTERS are the best game ever on the blockchain.

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Hello! great result! Do you often get good placements? for now I only have level 1 cards and almost always in tournaments I am too scarce ... at what level do you have the cards?

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Hi Asso!
I try to do more tournaments possible because there are a very skilled player (so i can learn) and good prizepool. Usually with 2 or 3 winning match you endend in prizepool. It's a very incredible booster for growth of your deck especially in your level.
There are a tournament called "Kobold Mining Expedition NLS" that permit to play only card level 1, in this case you can fight with your same level deck's players. Try it and give me a feedback!

Hi @karamazov00, thank you for your reply. I instead set the NOVICE LEAGUE filter in the search for tournaments, but I'm still too weak.
I assume that I concentrate on the evolution of a single deck at the beginning. In your opinion, which deck should I start with?

IMHO the best elements are Fire and Earth, but maybe it depend only from the situation like match's rules or opponets. You can do a novice tournament all players can use only level 1 card!
See you in the game

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