My daily Steem Monsters ; April. 17th, 2020 (Fire Splinter)

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Hey guys,
after the season is over i ended up with gold 3. i need a few more games to get diamond again, but i'm optimistic that i will be able to do that soon.
Today I noticed something interesting. I can see my value on cards that I received as a reward on the page I can also see what my Steemmonsters accout is worth. I want to share that with you too and maybe it will happen that I can optimize my profit margin. you can find the pictures and further descriptions below in the post.

Gold III.png

today i had fire again as a quest. I'm not really happy with how the games went, but at least I managed to get my 5 wins

Fire Gold III.png

The gameplay and there reference links are in the description bellow


Lets come to the rewards now:

Quest reward 17.04.2020.png

again a good loot for today, after all there is an epic that I haven't had yet.

now we come to the financial aspect of my post.

Marktwert 17.04.2020.png
my account is currently worth $ 37.39.

Quest reward 17.04.2020 LEO.png
With today's rewards, another $ 0.182 was added. But let's keep an eye on it all the time and see how the value of my account increases steadily.

Let's see what's next.
In this sense, see you tomorrow.


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