My daily Steem Monsters ; April. 14th, 2020 (Earth Splinter)

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hey guys,there is a premiere today. today i present diamond 3.
in diamond 3 the battles are getting harder and harder. But even there, I should make good progress with my strategy. but of course i also have to consider that my opponents are not diamond for nothing. they also have good strategies.

Diamant III.png

my opponents were good but not good enough.
the games were more balanced. with luck i won some but also some with strategy regarding the mutators and the mana limit.
but see for yourself.

Earth Diamant III.png

The gameplay and there reference links are in the description bellow


Lets come to the rewards now:

Quest reward 14.04.2020.png

now that i got 10 reward chests instead of 8, i would prefer a better yield

Let's see what's next.
In this sense, see you tomorrow.


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