Our Steem Monsters Game Jam Game!!

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If anyone is not familiar with what a game jam is...let me say they are fucking hard!
The objective is to take a theme and create a video game in a very short period of time.
Oftentimes, the results are barely fleshed out demos.

I always like the opportunity to make something with my son.
For a teenager, he's a pretty talented coder.
I asked if he was interested, knowing that most of the time we had available to do this,
he would be in school, he said yes and off we went.
I immediately set off to come up with a concept and a way we could execute it.
With the help of @lunaticmoon creating the art and @bigredd knocking out the audio...
we just barely got something playable in time.

The game is available to play in browser here...


My son coded this in C# using the Unity game engine.
It is open source and the code can be found here...


We will be polishing it up over the weekend and there will be a boss added sometime tonight.
(edit...boss is now working in game..not finished but working)
Give it a try and let us know what you think.

While you are there...take a look at the other entries as well...you can find them here...

Thanks to @steemmonsters for putting this together,
as well as
for adding to the prize pool.

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Thanks for the contribution, @jonny-clearwater. First of all it's very cool what you've created in such a short amount of time, huge props to everyone involved! I especially like the aesthetic and atmosphere of the game.

Since it wasn't really made clear from the game jam announcement that Utopian contributions should follow certain guidelines I won't be too nitpicky, but I would still like to point out a few things and give some tips/hints:

  • Without an open source licence the project technically isn't open source - you should add one to the repository.
  • It's normal to have some information and usage/installation instructions in the README of a project so that others know what the project is about and how they can run it locally, for example.
  • You should commit more often and try to summarise the changes in the message. Stuff like "Initial commit" or "1st Commit" doesn't give any indication of what was added in the commit. Examples for your game could be "Updates AI of X" or "Adds boss". I would recommend checking out this guide on how to write good commit messages.
  • Most of the comments in the code are commented out snippets of code and not things that actually improve the readability. It's better to leave those out and explain the more intricate parts of your code so other developers (or yourself in a few weeks, trust me, I've been there!) can understand what's going on.

You mentioned on Discord that contributing on Utopian is something your son might be interested in doing more often. If he has more stuff like this up his sleeves he should definitely do that! Something that might be useful to him is reading this guide that was written by one of our moderators on what we expect from development contributions and what we base our review on.

I look forward to seeing what else you guys come up with!

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I'll be passing all this along to my son.


Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 8 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Great game design, music, and feel for only 12 hours of work. Like I say in the video I'm about to share, very impressive Game Jam. Some enemies like the "swamp guy" can be difficult to beat(even tho jonny says its easy mode right now, not that I disagree xD but it took me some tries to finish it) which I really enjoy; nothing better than the rewarding feeling of beating a hard game.

Boss battle: 41:49



Thanks so much for playing it @danielcosmos
For someone that loves retro games as much as you do, your thoughts are very meaningful!

Hey guys I played a lot of the games in the Game Jam, I spent more time on the game Jonny, his son, and I made, but I get to the boss at 49:50 and beat it!! Come check it out :)



Glad you enjoyed. Super cool you did the audio for it.
You had no idea what the game was gonna look like or play like, but just through communicating on discord we got the right feel for the tunes. Thanks so much Red!


anytime! lemme know if you make another game :)

I really like the music, best feature in my opinion!

Ohh ohh ohh. Accosted by shirtless men!



Pretty awesome. What version of Visual Studio is he using?


Hey @grey580,

You shouldn't need Visual Studio if you're developing in Unity.
It's an all encompassing development platform... check it out.



ok cool. I didn't know that. I've only seen it used with VS.



he's using VS Community 27

O yaaa!!i like this music and obtain a musiciana

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I like the game and the music behind it! I tried it today on Whack Streams on @dlive and I really had fun. I thought I am not a type of gamer for these kinds of games but this little game proved me wrong!

Now I can't wait for the new update and hopefully I will be given another opportunity to try it :)

Have fun with the updates and see ya around! Much love to y'all!


Drop the link to the video of it and give us a time mark so people can see you play it. Thanks for playing btw and really glad you enjoyed it!


Indeed, I will. tnx :)

If anybody is interested to see the game, click the link below. I started playing it at 1:30:00 :)


It was hard for me at the beginning but I was able to get to da BOSS at the end, but didn't kill him :D Anyone thinks it's easy? Go and try it and give @jonny-clearwater a feedback!

How to play its free

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my guess is click the link that takes you to the game...but what do i know...lol

wow I'm super impressed by people like you who can create a video game...especially in a short time...

The monsters/ characters look really good as pixelated sprites. With the game jam and game development in general, you could create Steem Monster based small games that offer some type of reward incentive that gives you advantages (even aesthetic advantage) over others. Like how Neopets.com had many flash player games, some had the chance to earn rewards for you to keep. Let me know if you never played Neopets, I will describe better and show you.
We created a new Steemit supported live streaming platform: @vimm - https://www.vimm.tv/ We are currently in alpha state and to further test and refine it we need your feedback. We would really appreciate it if you could give it a try and give us your feedback through our discord: https://discord.gg/aR2RWGU

I quite like the game.

Well done

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thanks so much guys!

Hey @jonny-clearwater,

Nice game that you guys pumped out in 5 days!
Man... those Zintars really like to follow your movement lol
Good luck in the game jam competition.



Oh this was done in about 12hrs total.
Even though we had five days available...we didn't personally have 5 days that we could work on it.


12 hours?! Ok, that's some quick programming and deployment!

Amazing 😃

Hey, @jonny-clearwater!

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I played for a good 30 - 45 minutes and still never made the boss lol Am I just a bad gamer? haha Great work guys! It's impressive what you pulled off in such little time!


Great job guys! ^^ Just found some time to finally try it out .
Good luck with the contest!
I really like the magician guy :D

@jonny-clearwater i really like this music this is best in my opinion good work keep it up.

Good work on the game jam! The art was so slick.

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