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World of Ether based on Ethereum blockchain ( ↩️ Resteem ▶️ $0.5 👍)

in steemmonsters •  5 months ago

First of all, I'm not working for World of Ether. I'm promoting their project. After adopting Casper, Sharding, Plasma and Raiden network of Ethereum, Ethereum will have a massive scalability. I think it will be able to have it in 2020.

Someone of World of Ether might feel you are not humble. It's not fraud project. Please, respect their project.

I saw you are COO of Steemit Inc. As far as I know, someone who work/worked for your company is running bidding bots. And I know the resource of expense for running Steem blcockchain is a little bit based on bidding bot. I've got ETH and I'm buying a lot of Steem. You can track my wallet. So, I'm pouring fiat money for token economy of Steemit. If anyone doesn't put it on, Steem and Steem dollars will be shit. You know well, In the token economy model, It's very important to put fiat money in, right? I can't understand why you hate my post. I'm enough contributing on Steem liquidity. And I don't understand why you didn't say another users who are using bidding bots. Am I Asian? Hatu and many projects are using bidding bots. And It helps fund for Steem Inc a little bit. You already know well.

And this is not a shitty post. I had been researching a lot for 3 days. And Most people said that it has high quality information.

I'm also contributing my Steem power for someone who participate in Resteem this post. It's not limited. Just for every one. Why you don't see a big picture? United from advertiserment model.

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