What is BCX? Steem Monsters Tech Guide

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In todays post I will be sharing with you what BCX means!

So... What is BCX?!

"BCX stands for 'Base Card Unit by XP'
These cards are unique because you can combine multiple to level up your monster. The BCX number Represents each base ('level one') card used." - PeakMonsters

BCX is going to be very important as Steem Monsters tournaments and game play become available! This should be happening very soon and I am seeing people fighting in the BETA!

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Wow Good work its really worth people love fresh content

@joeparys can you please make a video explaining basic things in the card and what is your understanding about that? Maybe in simple words. Because even though game mechanics are there its not easy to follow. If something like a walkthrough is there it would be good. I once won a giveaway from you. And you make nice videos. Thought it would be nice if you could do it. Thank you

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This is a great idea! I will do my best to create this when I learn how to play myself!


Thanks joeparys :)

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Actually I would like to try it.
One day I can be sure ... Good post